Time to Prepare for Wildfires

Wildfire season is here again.  Home Owners are encouraged to learn about this danger and participate in brush clearance and safety preparedness activities in their communities.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Fire prevention is the first defense against disaster. You cannot afford to ignore proper maintenance of your property.

Here are just a few of the things that can put you at increased risk:

  • Insufficient horizontal spacing in your landscaping plan
  • Insufficient vertical spacing between ground level plants and taller trees.
  • Leaves and pine needles clogging the gutters of your roof
  • Storage of combustible material near your structures
  • Not enough distance between your home and undeveloped areas.

Wildfires spread faster when the wind is blowing. Hot embers can land on dry material near your home and spark fire on your property.

How to Get Ready for Fire Season

Dry grasses and open spaces put rural residents at greater risk. Dead and dry plants are always ready to light up. They are the perfect tinder for an uncontrolled burn. This makes fire prevention everyone’s job.

  • Participate in community safety preparedness meetings.
  • Organize brush clearance for the surrounding region.
  • Contact a fire safety professional for a free fire zone inspection.
  • Work with other members of the community to elevate the neighborhood’s readiness.

Free Fire Zone Inspections provides evaluations and consultations to residents living in high risk areas. Ask for your free consultation today.

Do You Know What Insurance Gaps You’re Facing if a Brush Fire Hits Your Home?


La Tuna Fire – September 2017

Brush fires can hit without warning and cause remarkable devastation in a short period of time. Unfortunately, too many homeowners find out after their homes and properties have been destroyed that their insurance coverage does not sufficiently protect them from fire damage. If you are a homeowner who lives in a high fire zone area, do you know what insurance gaps you’re facing if a brush fire hits your home?


Why the California Fair Plan May Not Be Right for You 

The California Fair Plan is intended to be used only as a last resort for homeowners who are unsuccessful at obtaining coverage in the voluntary market.  Homeowners who unnecessarily rely on the California Fair Plan may have huge gaps in their insurance coverage that they are not fully aware of.  If you are close to a brush fire zone and you have coverage through the California Fair Plan, it is time to carefully study your policy and reevaluate your coverage options.


We Offer a Solution

Many insurance brokers do not understand that some insurance companies are willing to insure homes that are close to brush/fire zones, without forcing homeowners into the California Fair Plan.  If you would like to learn more about policies that offer more comprehensive coverage without major fire gaps, we invite you to contact Free Fire Zone Inspections and request an inspector to evaluate your home today.